Who’s who

Caroline 2021 Chosen 2-min

Caroline Green

Chief Executive Officer

I joined Pallet-Track in 2020 as Chief Financial Officer before taking the Chief Executive position in April 2021. I have always loved anything operational and so joining Pallet-Track was an easy decision for me. The ethos and culture of ‘doing it right’ runs throughout Pallet-Track and that resonates strongly in me. I love the fact that our team and network members really care about what we do – it makes me smile every day. What did you want to be when you grew up? I’m still thinking about it…

Carl 2021 Chosen 4-min

Carl Jones

Commercial Director

I founded Pallet-Track alongside Nigel Parkes in 2002. We saw a need for a truly member centric shareholder network and invested our time over 2 years making sure we got the products and services right, before launching in February 2004.  During my 19 years at Pallet-Track we have seen an impressive growth trajectory and it gives me a great sense of pride looking at our network today and seeing what we have achieved together. Favourite pastimes outside Pallet-Track: Family / Traveling / Holidays / Live Music

Lisa 2021 Chosen-min

Lisa Burrows

Operations Director

I joined Pallet-Track in 2004 and have held several roles across the business since then. In 2013 I became Operations director. It has been hugely gratifying to be a part of the Pallet-Track network and be a part of its growth. We have a fantastic network of shareholder members who are key in the success. I am proud to lead a team of fantastic people across all our hubs, that are dedicated to their part in the Pallet-Track machine. Their hard work enables us to build on past successes and strengthen our service.

Top 3 destinations/activities on your bucket list:

Go to Breeders Cup, Go on a World Cruise, Own a racehorse.

Mark P 2021 Chosen-min

Mark Pulford

Logistics Director

I joined Pallet-Track as Logistics Director in May 2013. Joining a board of directors was a new and exciting challenge for me at the time and one I have come to enjoy and relish. Pallet-Track has an unmatched network of shareholder members and fantastic teams across the country working together to continue its success. I work closely with our directors’ and our shareholder members meaning we can continue to launch new initiatives, products, and services and identify further opportunities for growth. Favourite pastimes outside Pallet-Track: Motorsport with a passion for F1 stock cars been watching since 1978.

Gail 2021 Chosen 3-min

Gail Maltby

Finance Director

I joined Pallet-Track in November 2013; I am ACCA qualified and have an MBA (Merit) from Oxford Brookes University, winning an award for my dissertation on Total Quality Management. Before joining Pallet-Track, I spent thirteen years as Head of Finance in chilled food manufacturing, supplying Supermarkets and the food service sector. I then continued my career in Financial Services, as Finance Director, then Chief Executive, for a healthcare cash plan insurance provider. After five years in Financial Services and ready for a new challenge I made the move to the more dynamic logistics sector. I have overseen some big financial changes at Pallet-Track in the last 4 years including leading one of Pallet-Track’s biggest projects, the implementation of central billing; this has transformed company practices and procedures and improved efficiencies network wide. My husband Andy and I one son; I enjoy an eclectic mix of passions and hobbies including, a love of all things Japanese and playing the ukulele.

When you were young, what did you want to do when you grew up?

I wanted to be an actress when I was young… I’m not disappointed though, as I did grow up to be a bit of a drama queen.

Andy 2021 Chosen 2-min

Andrew Spencer

Network Development Director

I first joined Pallet-Track in 2005 as Sales & Marketing Director in the formative years and understood immediately the ethos and value of the network and it’s members, there really was an emphasis on structure and quality which exists strong to this day. When invited I soon came back in 2020 as Network Development Director. It was an easy decision to make when the opportunity arose for me to come back and join the board of directors. I am lucky enough to return to and work alongside our amazing network of shareholder members, most of whom remain from my previous time but also the members who have joined since I believe make us the network of choice and stability in the industry. I look forward to fully interacting with them, communicating, helping them grow, identifying where support is needed and of course where we may strengthen the network further when member shareholder opportunity presents itself. Top 3 destinations/activities on your bucket list: One bucket complete (Ironman), the other two would be to ride up Mont Ventoux (France) and scuba dive the great barrier reef.


Mark Bailey

Network Director (Non-Executive)
mark whaite

Mark Waite

Network Director (Non-Executive)