Quality Assurance

At Pallet-Track, we believe that the service provided by us and our network members is second to none. That’s why we’ve transported over five million pallets in six years without loosing a single one. But quality isn’t only about numbers. We strongly believe that our people make a difference – helpful, reliable and dependable. After all, that’s what keeps a network running smoothly and efficiently. Drag or click below to see more reasons why our customers turn to the Pallet-Track Network time after time.


Location in our industry is all important. Our close proximity to the UK’s major motorway networks in the West Midlands gives our members the luxury of being able to achieve timed service options through efficient trunking schedules being met.

The new Titan Distribution Centre a self contained 14-acre totally secure site handles in excess of 170 vehicle movements during a 24-hour period of operation.


Pallet-Track believes strongly in providing all its employees with best in class practises. It is our prime objective to provide a positive working environment for all. Not only do our operational FLT staff and management enjoy regular refresher courses and man-management seminars but in addition we now provide 100% funded Learn Direct courses on many varieties of topics. This is in addition to already ongoing “train to gain” initiatives.

Our Operation

Our highly professional team of both night and day operations provide our members with peace of mind during the central process of Hub transhipment. Our team on nights currently consists of over 50 skilled operatives who work to pre-set processes in the receipt, transhipment and on time re-loading of our member’s vehicles.

Information Technology

To aid an efficient sort operation we utilise the best possible hardware and software in our working practises. With the relocation to Titan we have recently upgraded our central scanning process which in turn yet further enhances the efficiency of our operation. New installations at Titan have resulted in 9-miles of CAT 5E cabling to serve our 16 wireless access points.

Plant & Equipment

Pallet-Track use state-of-the-art materials handling to tranship all our members freight. Our fork-lift truck fleet are the latest industry specification available on the market. Each run longer and quieter on low emission LPG. In addition all are hydrostatic and are fitted with in-cab adjustable fork spreaders to cater to different sizes of palletised freight. We undertake a constant exchange program with our two key suppliers enabling us to take advantage of new technology as and when it becomes available.


Our entire operation (24-hours) is recorded by the latest digital technology in closed circuit television. Again with the recent move we have upgraded our original 30-camera system to 68-Bosch digital IP units. All are serviced by two fully populated DiBos servers.